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More than 5000 foreign companies elected Holland a place of the stay or have representations for carrying out trade and transport operations here. A half of the goods imported into the Netherlands is transit freights.

The food industry is the leading branch of the Netherlands economy, 28% of all industrial commodity turnover of the country fall to its share. Expedient use of the available infrastructure and the international experience allowed the Netherlands producers quickly and effectively to serve all EU market.

The advantageous geographical position of the Netherlands predetermined an orientation of its economy on active development of trade and transport as most important means of implementation of commercial relations. It led to creation in the country of the developed infrastructure and the sphere of specialized services thanks to which the Netherlands got a role of the main distribution center of Europe. In the course of European and in general the international integration its value more and more increases.

Well equipped seaports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam provide continuous delivery of the raw materials which are not made in the Netherlands. Besides, the Amsterdam airport known around the world — Skhipkhol guarantees fast transportation of perishable gardening production.

The Dutch fleet on internal waters totals 6 thousand vessels with the general displacement about 5 million t and is the largest in Western Europe. Almost to all European industrial centers it is possible to deliver freight from Rotterdam, using an extensive network of the navigable rivers and channels. Annually from the port of Rotterdam 170-180 thousand flights of river crafts are made.

In turn, in the course of the happening integration within the European Market foreign manufacturers of the high-quality equipment and cars constantly increase the presence in the market of the Netherlands. As result, the Dutch producers, being under constant pressure in fight for maintenance of the share of the market, as a countermeasure elected a way of researches to strengthening of the foreign competition, development of new processes and technology, creation of new designs.

On growth rates of volume of agricultural production Holland wins first place among the developed countries. On hectare of the farmland it is made production 3 times bigger in value terms, than on average on EU countries.

That in the Netherlands in general the advancing export growth of industrial goods in comparison with competitors from the EU is noted, is explained by active re-export, i.e. it is about import goods to which in the Netherlands cost in shape, for example services in distribution, trade, transportations, insurance and which then are taken out is added.

Automobile transportation of goods - the main means of implementation of transport communications in Europe. By such way 80% of all freights moved in the continent are delivered. The Netherlands has the developed network of modern automobile highways. About a third of all trucks crossing the European borders belongs to the Dutch transport companies. Tariffs for transportation in the Netherlands one of low in Western Europe because of an open competition and lack of intervention of the state.

Export of food products has for the Netherlands economy the same importance as export of an industrial output for other advanced countries. The Netherlands on the volume of export of agricultural production is the second exporter in the world. In some sectors on such products as vegetables, cheese, beer and production of cocoa, they win first place.