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Engels emphasizes that distribution and at the first stage of communism will not have character of trade. The commodity-money relations will disappear. Receipts which will be received by the worker for the work and which will form for it the basis of acquisition in public warehouses of the necessary consumer benefits, so are not money, as the theatrical ticket.

Growth of an organic structure of the capital generates also a tendency to decrease in the rate of return considered as the relation of a surplus value to all advanced capital. It, according to Marx, a tendency as decrease of rate of return is interfered by such factors as growth of a rate of exploitation, leaving of the capital in a colony where the organic structure of the capital is lower, and some other.

Huge value for formation of Marxism received critical research of social consequences of industrial revolutions, especially in England. It was found out that economic progress on a capitalist basis is paid with sufferings of a people at large. Mass ruin of petty bourgeoisie under the influence of the capitalist competition was observed. Handicraftsmen, peasants and small traders got to ranks of the unemployed, paupers. They were assimilated by factory, but there they became object of heavy operation, appeared under its yoke. Technical progress strengthened it, giving to manufacturers of means for an intensification of work and real control over it. Operation of female and child labor increased in these conditions. Lengthening of the working day was observed, the salary decreased, pathetic existence became destiny of factory workers. Economic crises periodically shook capitalism economy, generated mass unemployment. Therefore the criticism of capitalism, social consequences of its development became an important problem of Marxism.