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5 mistakes to plato

As a rule, in the majority of the countries pre-election campaign one days prior to opening of polling precincts. It becomes to provide to voters time and a independently to consider and comprehensively to weigh the choice and to make a final decision, for whom and for what to give the vote.

Parties not only express interests of these or those social groups, but also actively participate in formation of these interests. They carry out functions of association of interests of various social groups and layers by data of these interests in a uniform.

Heterogeneity and heterogeneity of a social base cause ideological eclecticism of republican and democratic parties. Therefore no wonder that they show an enviable to adapt to the changing reality conditions.

In the structural relation in party it is possible to allocate three levels. The most uncertain and indistinct level is that block which identify themselves with this party and vote for it on elections. They make mass base which provides candidates of party with support at ballot boxes. It is very difficult to define belonging to such group as it is based more on the declared, than on an official involvement into a party.