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Microarchitecture: superconveyor, superscalar, optimized for work at high clock frequencies. Nine instructions for one step are carried out. There are nine conveyors. Rub for calculations of the address, three for integer operations and three for performance of operations with a floating point, and also sets of instructions 3DNow! and MMX.

The AMD company could strengthen considerably the positions in the market, having let out after the successful Athlon processor in construct of Slot A its improved Thunderbird option under Socket A and its "younger brother" - the Duron processor. Thus, the symmetric answer of Intel turned out. The processor Socket A socket is headed for more perspective in respect of prime cost. Athlon (Thunderbird) acts as a counterbalance to Pentium III Coppermine processors, and in the sphere of cheaper decisions Celeron are competed by Duron. In a production line of AMD models of Athlon processors performed by Slot A, and also family of older K6 processors under Socket 7 (Super, but is obvious that curtailment of their release - business of the near future continue to remain so far.

The Celeron processors released on the Coppermine technology practically in everything are identical to the above described Pentium of Difference concern two moments: the size a full-high-speed cache memory is reduced with 256 to 128 Kb and all processors are intended for work only on the 66-MHz system tire.

As dispersal became the mass phenomenon, the Intel firm began to apply adequate measures to its control. Most (and effective) the measure consists in release of processors with the "cut-off" multiplication coefficients.